The UpCounty Hub provides, without barriers and with dignity, food and integrated essential services to community members in Upper Montgomery County.



When the COVID-19 pandemic revealed the lack of established safety net services in upper Montgomery County, BlackRock Center for the Arts stepped up to address our community’s needs by utilizing our facility for the consolidation and distribution of food and other essential items, leading to the establishment of The UpCounty Hub in March 2020. The UpCounty Hub expanded quickly from serving a single mobile home community to now over a thousand families per week throughout upper Montgomery County.


The UpCounty Hub has been held up as the best practice model for community-based service delivery, and was moved to the UpCounty Regional Services Center in Summer 2021 where it will operate as a much-needed permanent assistance agency for the underserved of upper Montgomery County.


The foundational vision of The UpCounty Hub is to ensure there are no barriers to assistance for those in need of food and other essential items and services. Because our focus is on eliminating barriers to access to assistance, we provide delivery to about a third of our clients, including seniors, those without transportation, the disabled, etc. Similarly, we do not require income eligibility documentation which dissuades many in need (due to immigration concerns), as well as taking valuable time away from the real priority of providing immediate assistance. This model has been replicated around Montgomery County. 



The UpCounty Hub’s goal is to provide access to food and other essential items (diapers, formula, wipes, COVID kits, personal hygiene kits, etc.) to those in need in upper Montgomery County, removing as many barriers to assistance as possible.


We distribution food and other essentials through:

  • Grab & Go Events: Hub trucks bring food to neighborhoods of high need for pickup. Monthly calendars of Grab & Go distribution event dates, locations, and times are shared through our website, social media, and other county assistance sites.

  • Home Deliveries for seniors, disabled, or clients with COVID.


The UpCounty Hub partners with Care4YourHealth to connect our clients to COVID testing, flu shots, and COVID vaccinations. In addition, we partner with Casa Ruben to provide childhood immunizations (80% of children of color lack the immunizations required to return to school).


We are committed to incorporating the values of equity, diversity, and inclusion, ensuring accessibility regardless of language through our bilingual staff and through providing culturally appropriate food and service delivery.


The UpCounty Hub . . .

  • Provides food for over 1,300 households every week, through at least four neighborhood distribution events each week. This equates to over 30,000 pounds of food distributed weekly.


  • Delivers prepared hot meals to households with COVID, seniors, and disabled clients.


  • Holds clinics for flu shots, COVID vaccinations and testing, and childhood immunizations.

  • Has a Case Manager to help clients access SNAP (food stamps) and other County assistance.


  • Provides assistance when emergency needs arise (e.g., assisting residences whose homes were lost in a fire, Afghan refugees, etc.).